Tuesday, October 2, 2012

True Love

True Love, 

today has been one of the most intense days lately to me. 
But it brought me home more than ever to me. 
My whole core being resonates so deeply so profoundly on the truest and purest form of pure love between two embodied huma
There is a magic within that, which is beyond. 
This magic can be seen and felt all over, and all it is required is to be and to vibrate this true love between two humans and enjoying and loving it and being in joy. 
I always thought it was a wrongness that i have had the capacity to merge with another persons world in all imaginable and non-imaginable ways. 
Today i know from the core of my being, its just is ok. 
There is a beauty within that and a magic, that opens a gate to be one with another being in such a beautiful way. 
There was a time when i felt like being one with another human being, does mean that i loose me, which might mean that i loose the contact with the divine one within me. 
Today i know with all of my core, i am me, with all of my core if i am this true love. Because this is me in totality. 
There is always a choice one-woman-street or one-men-street or the embodiment of one-street. 
And all its required is to open and trust so deeply in that true love, to be open and beyond open to know the divine, the one, is always expanding into more, always expanding and pouring more love into me, which is me, my true love, and everyone who resonates as well on this planet in the core along to this vibration. 
And all you have to do is just be. 
And opening up this much has been a rough one for me, because it means you are ready to fall in the arms of the divine unknown, leaving everything behind, even all the past hurt, the so called bad experiences while merging with another one, the ego and everything you have explored so far. 
It requires such a deep trust and faith to open that much for the divine for the pure love, that the core of your being tells you, you will never fall deeper than into your core. 
This is my exploration from today, i am deeply grateful for it. 
It might not be your way, but i choose it for me so deeply from my core today. 
I am grateful.