Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Drama Stress and challenges... some inspiration....

What if drama, stress and challenges are not your enemy? What would it take to create an advantage out of a perceived disadvantage? How can anything in oneness be something that we are not? Like oneness wouldn´t include it all. To me its like that the more we can embrace it all the more we can choose when and what to play. Challenges are so often the biggest opportunity to grow. Last night i wondered about another person that is close to my heart. There are always different levels of guidance we can listen to, ego, divine, the core the soul, the collective conciousness and so on. So i was thinking if i was a soul, just the soul with the pure divine connection, living in the world of humanity, how would i make sure that the human around the soul listens to the divinity within. So if i were god how would i let the human me know. Probably i would do it like it has been in my life, first i would send as god some angel whispers in my ear, than i would send outside signs as well and humans as well, reminding me, facebook posts ;-), sending me signs in a row. If i was god and i as the human still wouldnt listen what would i do than? Because i truely know all my core whats is to embody this unity and divinity, wholness truely and as fully as possible. So probably if i was god or my soul, i would increase the whispers and actually yes i have to say if i as a human still dont want to listen i as the soul as god within would probably ask for ways that are more intense and that might include challenges. I would be ok with that, i can embrace it, to me its not a disadvantage, to me its just a chance to grow and i know and learned the more i embrace all of that it can be fun to play challenge, angry in an embraced way, because its different than how i used to experience it. It comes explodes and goes and usually its sets such a beautiful lifeenergy or something more free. So i welcome it. And hey, what would it take to enjoy all life, all expression of humanity as much and as long as we can? How can it be fun for us to play expand and grow? We might be sooner or later at a point where we truely might miss some of this plays ;-) So enjoy, if you are in oneness, there is just one, and at the end of the day didnt we all come down here to experience the source energy and love and light and didnt we all choose that way? SO enjoy the ride and love to play ;-)

source pic: unknown
copyright text: S. Mey