Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Little separation and duality games ;-)

I looked a bit like this today since someone presented me a space of seperation, duality and really smashing my trust and faith in humanity. Well I guess its time to embrace the black sheps around ;-)
Time to open up even more our vibrational awareness beyond any limitations. My vibrations kept on telling me, but my cute heart did not want to see out of the faith and the trust that this human identidy would never play hurt duality with me. How much are you open to see beyond this perceived reality, feel vibrationally and just to be open to see, have and know the truths, instead of going on creating some strange reality? How much can we embrace the black and the white shep around today and just be one within and let them others play what they want to play? There is always something waiting for you if you are willing to embody the true ;-)