Monday, November 5, 2012


For all of you, that wonder about theire twinsoul. Its time to let go, give it up, totally completly, but having the trust and faith that source within you, the soul within you will guide both of you to each other if its meant to be. Its loving to love so much, that you come home back to you ;-) And than watch and see and trust ;-) Even if the other one you thought it was may make different choices. Its totally ok, we all have free will, and everyone can choose different. This as well doesnt mean that god hasnt a great plan for you in store. Theire might be something much greater waiting for you, if you have found and come back home to you. 
The destiny of two twinsouls becoming one as one source as god, unified power of one has so much impact, its divinly, its an power of beyond, and it makes such a difference in this world. But first and foremost its to guide you back home to you. So that you can come from this overflowing place and truely become one with the god that you are and the other is. So take care of you, be open, and trust, that god is within you, and that this power will become one, when time is ready. It might be someone completly different than you thought and its ok. God is here right within you if you are ready and the gates are starting to open now to have this divine alignement. 

copyright text S. Mey