Monday, September 10, 2012

Paradise Matrix


Some of you carry within you a certain frequency of the new earth, or paradise on earth. 
Its like your soul kept this frequency, no matter what she has lived through before. 
Its as well nothing you can really crab with your mind. 

Most likely you will feel, sense, or see with your inner eye if you resonate with that, by expanding, feeling wide or maybe an certain excitment or happiness. 
It is time my friends to bring this frequency back to the surface. 
From within you, within your soul and being to this world. 
The gates are more than open for that now.
Its a way how we anchor the new here on mother earth. Mother earth is looking forward to it. 

Whenever you feel like it, maybe you want to take some time to play with that frequency. 
Relax, take it easy, breath, than see if you can feel this vibration called new earth matrix, or paradise on earht matrix within you, you might as well receive pictures regarding to it. 
Than try to open yourself for this frequency just by feeling, or sensing "open", or expanding.
 It always depends on your most activated power how to communicate and play with frequencies and the divine.

Than see, feel, sense the vibration of paradise on earth even more within you, expand it into your whole body and being, into your own field, so that you vibrate this Paradise on earth from the inside out. 

Its a beautiful process. 

Please feel free to contact me for support, further informations, or if you just want to share your experience. I would like to see us Paradise - keepers ;-) group together. 


Have fun playing with it and i am grateful, that you are here right now. 



picture source: unknown
copyright text: S.Mey