Monday, July 30, 2012

Energy forecast 30th of July-4th of August

Aligning with inner harmony and peace within

This weeks energy is primarly about grounding yourself in your inner harmony and peace. 
The last weeks have been energetically very bumpy because of the high energy´s that were coming in. 

High energy´s continue to embrace all humans and mother earth. 

But know is a time, when more doors are opening to us than ever before. 

Take some time out and be with yourself. 

A lot of inner potential is unfolding know, but we might not even be aware of it yet. 

New technologies and potential is opening up to us like never before. 

It might seem strange to you, but play around with your energy, check out what is unfolding. 

What would it take for you to enjoy this process and exolore this in a very joyful way?

What can you do to just simply feel your inner peace and harmony now in an even greater way. 

It seems that we got very well prepared to feel that peace and to be totally grounded within it, so that we know our truths, no matter whats going on in the world. 

Because as we start in August, there might be a higher outside change in the world starting as well. 

And as you know changes can have many forms and to so people its a bit challenging, 

but yet we know that it would be great to have some shifts in our politic and economic systems as well. 

So just be aware this week what is wanting to unfold within you and around you, in youf family, as well as in your country. 

Reastablishing your trust in the divine might be something enjoyable as well. 

But there is nothing that you really have to do to get there, just take some time out and feel, feel the divine, let the divine feel you and notice what you notice ;-)

Have fun this week exploring all of that, enjoy yourself and take some time out to be with yourself, and your soul. 

Oneness has your back ;-)

Love Sandy 

Copyright S. Mey