Friday, June 22, 2012

Interesting news about this weeks energys

Interesting to read an email from Meg Benedicte to me: Hello Sandy, 

This Sunday, June 24th we enter the 'Eye of the Storm' and the first of seven shattering squares between Uranus and Pluto! Being hyped as the most dramatic astrology of 2012, the Uranus/Pluto square will continue thru 2015. So the first power surge lands on our shores this Sunday, June 24th.

Uranus is the planet of sudden surprises, the 'change agent', and will be exerting revolutionary pressure on Pluto stationed in the house of structure, institutions, corporations, government and the establishment! We are entering the 2nd half of 2012 when we will start to see signs of the collapsing world systems that no longer serve the highest good!

There have been intense solar flares this past week, and on the Summer Solstice I started to get this powerful sensation something was really OFF in the ethers. As a galactic intuitive, my sensory body is dialed into the rhythm and flow in our it really amped up on Wednesday. That night I received channeled information that we had reached the tipping point of the 2 worlds pulling apart.

A transition point is happening in the ethers this week! It is affecting the stargates and how they will be releasing souls back to the Oneness! It was a surge of polarity that felt so oppressive, I began to pick up there was a deliberate clockwise turn occurring in the ethers...the Matrix is closing in right now. And so I was guided to do some Phi spinning with Gaia's vortex and work on bringing balance to the ethers!

The second Full Moon in the last degrees of Gemini occurred on Tuesday, June 19th, a repeat of the first Full Moon Eclipse from May 20th in zero degree Gemini. It is incredible how much has happened in just one month's time!

This full moon is opposite the Galactic Center, and waking us up to new horizons on the way. In Eric Francis' astrology report this week he stated this placement as having an influence that can bring "unbridled success without complications."

Mars is finally turning direct after being retrograde for many months. Mars energy assists us to 'take action on own behalf'. Combine the Full Moon's energy of "unbridled success without complications" with the power of Mars' action, and we can create an Intentioned Collective Field for a successful Ascension into the 5D New Earth!
When we can align with our true service, our authentic contribution to humanity and Gaia, then we can minimize any disastrous devastation required to break the old energies apart....we can accomplish change in a much calmer transition. So let's formulate a peaceful evolutionary wave for this Sunday's square event, so we can usher in the New Earth in grace and blessings.

I will be leading a Global Intention Meditation this Saturday, June 23rd to prepare planetary consciousness for the first of seven Uranus/Pluto squares. I hope you can join me in forming a new collective vision of our New Earth in the realm of Crystalline Light, Love and Harmony. If you would like to participate in anchoring your Global Intention as we travel to the Great Central Sun and the origin of a Universe of Light, then sign up at the registration below.

Love and blessings,

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Source: unkown